Tau Kotahi

The kids and I got into an excitement of a conversation on the way to Pak Ngah Studio last night. It went from one topic to another; from immortality to vampires. Even my pronunciation of ‘draculas’ got corrected by both Kitreena and Edrick simultaneously in the heat of the conversation. Haha malunya!


We then moved on to the word in Māori that I learned today from my fellow trainer. The word is ‘tahi’, which means ‘one’ – yeah, the number.


To Tatou Wahine


Mommy: Did you know that in Māori, the word for number one is ‘tahi‘?

Kitreena: Haaaa? Hahahahahaha!

Mommy: Do you know what tahi means in Bahasa, Edrick?

Edrick: Nooo…

Kitreena: It’s poop lah Edrick! Hahahaha.

Edrick: Uhhh… I kinda thought of it. But what’s Māori?

Mommy: The Māori are the native people of New Zealand.

Edrick: Hmmm…


At this point, it just came naturally to me to do the Haka Dance for Edrick to associate Māori with Haka and the All Blacks, of course. And I did! I did the Haka Dance. Driving and all. Good thing we were at the traffic lights.


There I was… wearing my pinkish red baju batik with my usual white skirt doing the ugliest Haka Dance with the ugliest Haka warrior face ever while driving my two Canadian kids to their Malay Dance training session! I made up the words to sound like Māori and I exaggerated the dance… like real.


The kids looked at me with their expressionless face, not knowing whether to laugh or to cry.


Kitreena: Okay Mom, that’s good. I think Edrick knows what Haka Dance is now.

Mommy: Hehehe if there was a handsome man who wanted to marry me saw me doing that, I bet he’d change his mind.

Edrick: I officially agree with you, Mom. *pats Mommy’s left shoulder*

Mommy: Ouch! That officially hurts my feeling.

Edrick: I am sorry Mom.

Mommy: Naaahhh, no worries, Edrick.

Kitreena: But why handsome man, Mom?

Mommy: Well, I was just saying it. I don’t mind marrying a not-so-handsome man too, ya know. I don’t want to berebut with other ladies to get him.

Kitreena: So, are you saying you want the opposite now?

Edrick: Opposite of what? *tries really hard to follow the conversation*

Kitreena: Opposite of handsome, Edrick.

Mommy: Well, I don’t really care how he looks like as long as he is not grumpy.

Kitreena: What about bald?

Mommy: I don’t mind bald, I just mind grumpy. I was with a bald and grumpy one for 12 years. Tak nak dah!

Kitreena: Hahahaha!

Mommy: Why are we even talking about me marrying the opposite of a handsome man?

Haka FaceKitreena: You started it, Mommm!

Mommy: I did? Hehehe malunya!

Air Suam I

I tau I cerewet. You nak bengang, bengang lah. Tak apa. I dah tak kisah dah. I tau apa yang I suka dan apa yang I tak suka. Kalau you tak suka apa yang I suka, tak payah suka. Ikut suka you lah apa you nak suka. Dan hari ini I nak buat apa yang I sendiri tak suka, iaitu membebel. Tapi kerana terpaksa, I nak membebel juga. Sebab ini pasal sesuatu yang I suka.


I suka air suam.


Ya, I suka air suam walaupun tak ramai yang suka. I suka. Sangat-sangat suka. Dan disebabkan I suka sangat air suam ni, I jadi cerewet bila kita makan kat luar and I akan order air suam exactly macam yang I suka. Bukan sebarang air suam yang I suka ni tau. Darjat air suam yang I suka ni tak ramai yang boleh capai. Jangan main-main. Ha, air suam I ada darjat, I tell you.


Air suam yang I suka mesti lah panas sikit daripada suam. Tapi tak nak panas sangat. Suam dia mesti lah di antara boleh dan tak boleh diminum tu. Kalau setakat suam, pada I dah hampir sejuk. Cenggitu, baik air minum air sejuk. Tapi kalau panas sangat sampai tak boleh dihirup perlahan-lahan tu, pada I dah jadi air panas. Itu bukan suam. Baik I order teh ‘o’ panas-panas.


I tau you faham I sebab you dah tak larat dengan kecerewetan I. You redha je kan? Tapi budak-budak pelayan yang ambik order air suam I ni susah nak jumpa yang faham perasaan I. Diorang tak faham bahawa darjah kesuaman air suam tu amat penting buat diri I ni.


I dah banyak kali sangat kecewa. Sampaikan I serik nak order air suam. Padahal air suam je yang I order. Bukannya minuman yang complicated sangat macam Teh Tiga Lapis ke, Kopi ‘O’ Cham ke, Horlicks Pandan ke. Errr… ada ke? Entahlah, I pun dah tak tau mana satu reality dan fantasy. Sebab I cuma nakkan air suam je, just the way I like it. Susah sangat ke?


Kadang-kadang I tau you pun bingung tengok I sampai tersinggung-minggung hanya kerana aktiviti meng-order air suam. Tak berbaloi sakit hati kerana air suam, you kata. Tapi yang you tak tau ialah… bila I dapat apa yang I hajati, bahagia yang I rasa kerana air suam… terasa sampai ke lubuk jiwa I yang paling dalam tau!  Ha, begitu mudahnya membuat I bahagia.


Dan sekarang ni bila you tak ada, I minum je air suam di rumah. Habis cerita. Tak ada sakit hati, kecik hati, terasa hati, jauh hati, patah hati bagai bila tak dapat air suam di takat suhu suam kesukaan hati I tu. Cuma… I discovered, rupanya bukan air suam yang panas sikit daripada suam tapi tak sejuk macam air suam biasa tu yang membahagiakan lubuk jiwa I yang paling dalam.


. Air suam yang I suka...


Bukan itu.





The Jane Duh Dilemma

It was just an innocent catching-up conversation between two relatives about their common kampung friends. A very innocent ‘did-you-know-that-so-and-so-is-married’ chat that turned out to be my wake-up call.


I now re-realize that I am back in this Malaysian society and very much belong to it. As much as I think I am ‘outside’… as I do think outside this proverbial box, I am deep in it. And so, although what I heard should not have bothered me, it surely has woken me up.


“Eh, si Mat tu dah kawin kan? Tapi tak ada jemput pun.”
“Sebab dia kawin dengan janda.”
“Laa… iye ke? Kenapa lah tak cari yang bujang.”
“Janda tu dengarnya tua daripada dia, anak dua ke tiga, entah.”
“Ishhh! Si Mat tu muda daripada kita. Baru start kerja.”
“Anak dara bersepah, nak jugak kawin dengan janda. Beranak pulak tu.”
“Cari lah yang sebaya. Kot nak janda pun, biar lah yang tak ada anak.”
“Ah kalau janda tu tak melayan, tak jadi jugak.”


I woke up right there and then, determined to find my people’s cultural definition of jodoh and bodoh.



Hair You!

We were on the way to school this morning feeling fresh and entertained by the Krappi Call on 95.8FM. The car was inching in towards the school gate for the grand drop-off…


Edrick: I think soon I’m gonna have moustache.

Kitreena: *looks at Edrick’s face* Ohhh yeah Edrick. But you are only eight.

Edrick: Oh kaka you should see my friend Haniff, he’s almost like an adult.

Mommy: Are you sure his name is Haniff, Edrick?

Edrick: Yeah. It is.

Mommy: Not Hairy?


Kitreena: Mom, my friends don’t have hair on their legs. But I have a lot.

Mommy: That’s just the way you are.

Kitreena: Yeah, but Cody doesn’t even have hair on her legs. Mine is so long.

Mommy: You are like Daddy. Don’t you remember how hairy Daddy is?

Edrick: But Kitreena doesn’t have chest hair Mom.

Kitreena: Edrickkkkk! Eeeeyewwwww!

Mommy: Yeah, but you can’t really choose, can you? Like Daddy, he has lotsa hair everywhere but…

Kitreena: Oh yeaahhhhh, but the head.

Mommy: So be thankful you have hair growing in the right places okay.

Kitreena: I ammmm, Mommm!



The Hairy Fairies...

The Hairy Fairies…

Mimpi Basah

Abang, lama ke Ida tertidur?

Tak sangat, dalam setengah jam aja. Kenapa sayang?

Ida rasa macam lamaaa sangat. Siap ada mimpi tau bang.

Sayang mimpi apa?

Entahlah, Ida pun tak faham. Tapi panjang betul mimpi nya.

Sayang nampak apa dalam mimpi tu? Abang ada enter frame tak?

Tak pulak. Mula-mula ada macam… uh, rumah terbiar.

Rumah kampung? Rumah bandar?

Rumah kampung rasanya. Macam pondok. Lepas tu ada kucing dua ekor.

Kucupan azimat...Kucing?

Ha’ah kucing. Satu kecik satu besar.

Belang tak?

Yang belang tu hidung Abang.

Abang dah agak dah sayang nak cakap cenggitu.

Lepas tu I saw my Mom. Lepas tu Ida cari Abang.

Rindu lah tu! Hehehe…

Mana ada!

Tapi lambat nya Abang enter frame mimpi sayang ni.

Ida tak nampak Abang kat mana. Menggagau-gagau tangan Ida cari Abang sebab dalam mimpi tu mata Ida pejam.

Ohhhhhhh! Tu ke sebabnya tangan sayang menggagau? Hahahahahaha!

Ida menggagau betul-betul ke bang? Eeee malunya!

Hahahaha! Ya sayang. Tangan sayang menggagau kat muka Abang. Abang gelakkan aja.

Abang niii! Tak baikkk!

Dah tu? Sayang tak berhenti menggagau. Abang cium dahi sayang, baru lah sayang bukak mata.

Oh my God! Ida ingatkan ada orang tepekkan kertas jampi kat dahi Ida!

Ishhh! Tak seram langsung mimpi hantu pocong cina sayang ni.

*raba dahi* Eeee basah!

It was just me and my little big man in the car. We were on our way to his dance training at Pak Ngah Studio but had to make a detour to pick up Kitreena who had a sleepover at a friend’s place.


Edrick was very quiet despite the fast beat on the radio. So I decided to make a ‘move’ and cheer him up. I vigorously shook and wiggled my upper body to the beat… crazily. So crazy and silly that my shoulders looked like they were going to lose my head. My elbows and my arms flapped so fast, I swear I could fly if they flapped any faster.


Edrick looked at me and gave his Mom that you-silly-mommy-what-are-you-doing look.


Mommy: Edrick, do you think I’m crazy?Mother and Child

Edrick: A little. *no hesitation!*

Mommy: Do you still love me?

Edrick: Yeah.

Mommy: You don’t have a choice, do ya?

Edrick: I guess not.


My crazy dance stopped and I laughed like a hyena. Edrick gave me a very honest answer so quickly as though he had had it playing in his mind every time I ‘go crazy’. An answer so honest that it made me proud!


Edrick smiled, took a deep breath and said his usual ‘I love you Mom’ in his I-love-you-anyway-Mom tone. He was almost in tears when Kitreena got in the car.


“Kaka, I missed you!”



A Bend Done

I've got your back, baby..

Kitreena had a two-hour consultation with a Spine/Scoliosis Specialist today. The evaluation has been done and her case has been sent by Dr. Robertson to another group of specialists in London for a second opinion.

Because of the 14-15 degrees curvature at the two points on Kitreena’s spine, the specialist here is suggesting the (soft, non-rigid) type of brace called Spinecor for her to wear for 20 hours per day, for 2 years. 

In the meantime, she is to continue with the therapy sessions twice a week and the chiropractic adjustments once a week. Her progress will be reviewed quarterly.

We will get her full prescription as early as Tuesday next week, August 26th (Daddy’s birthday). And if the brace is the way to go, Kitreena will start wearing Spinecor on August 29th.

And I… I embrace this with all my might.






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